Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Consolidation: Moving from 4 websites to one

What's the situation now

Being a freelancer, I've got lots of different work aspects. I do graphic design, illustration, and writing. I work on virtual events where I get to use a lot of the above skills as well as my technological and social media skills that I've been learning both formally and informally (aka practicing) since 2008.
So right now I have 4 different websites:

This one http://teachergraphics.blogspot.com which specializes in the illustration and design that I do for teachers. I've got my online store set up here as well.

The Tech Goddess http://www.thetechgoddess.com : I love this site. I love the name and I fought pretty hard to acquire it. This is purely for my Virtual Event and Web Design Clients.

Newbie Yoga http://www.newbieyoga.com : This was my first content site. I have moved on to specialize in yoga for children, but there are so many people who learn about me and what I do through this site that I don't want to take it down, and finally the newest site:

AYogaStoryforKids http://www.ayogastoryforkids.com : This is for my book series for children. I am planning to write a series of yoga books for children. However, I already have a book that doesn't fall into this category and I'm currently writing another one that doesn't fall into this category either.

Why I decided to operate under one umbrella site instead of many

When I first decided to have so many sites, there was one underlying factor: my name.
My name isn't the easiest to spell or remember. Lakshmi Gosyne is very unusual. It has its perks. I know that my name and username would never be "taken" on social media sites, but again, it's very unusual and I have been advised many times NOT to use my name as my website.


The world wide web is changing. It's becoming more and more social and most people don't want to connect with companies. They want to connect with people. This makes sense to me. I don't follow companies. I want to connect with people. Which is why I'm "retiring" this site.

Where do you find me now?

I am not taking this site down; not for the next year anyway so you will still be able to access the store and my other pages. I'll slowly be moving to www.lakshmigosyne.com where I'll be sharing everything that I do with you. My illustrations, technology, writing and traveling. Currently this URL redirects to ayogastoryforkids.com, but again I will slowly be rebranding.

I hope you join me on this journey.

Lots of Love and Gratitude,

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